Bunmi Commentary on the Royal Engagement Announcement

Bunmi  was invited by ITN to comment on the possible wedding dress Kate Middleton will choose for the Royal Wedding to Prince William. Bunmi was approached as one of the most exciting and leading emerging designers in the UK to make a statement on how she would dress the future Queen for her big day. Bunmi was interviewed by ITN reporter Nina Nanna and the piece to camera was run all day on ITV News as part of the coverage for the announcement of the Royal engagement.

Bunmi's Commentary on The ITV Royal Wedding Coverage

Bunmi offers expert commentary on the ITV Royal Wedding Coverage of the newly wedded Duke & Duchess Of Cambridge.Bunmi joined the commentating panel of designers on the ITV Royal Wedding coverage to discuss the fashion of the day and most importantly, to comment on the most talked about dress of the decade, the wedding dress of the new Duchess. When asked what she thought of the dress, Bunmi said that it was "absolutely fantastic. It was so classic and really beautiful and I think it was great that she went with quite a classic 50's style, a cut that reminded me of Grace Kelly."

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